How I use Everdo: Next Action filter (sequential project simulation)

As long as we don’t have sequential projects yet, the Next list can be overwhelmingly long.

I’ve taken to tagging the first next action in projects with !NA (sorts to top). Now when I’m in the Next list and just want to see the first NA’s, I click that tag at the top and instantly my list is limited to just those.

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I agree 100%. It’s overwhelming. Other task managers (MyLifeOrganized, OmniFocus, Things, Nirvanahq) all have ways to limit what you see, making the Next list focused and usable. I won’t be buying Everdo until this is addressed.

Sequential projects will be added sooner rather than later. I know it’s one of the most important features in the backlog at the moment.

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After some thought, i decided to bump the priority on this. I believe it will benefit many users. As a result, sequential projects will be added in the next minor release coming out Tuesday.


That sounds great. Thank you for that.

It looks like this was released. Thank you!