How to remove tags permanently?

Hi all.

I have a tag that was added as part of “Waiting” contact. It was a one-use tag that I do not wish to retain and do not want to see it constantly on the “Tags” selection list when creating or editing tasks. How can I removed it permanently?

I tried removing the tag from the task, I tried removing the task and cleared my trash, yet the tag still remains in my “Tags” selection list. Any suggestions?

On Desktop, press T to open the tag manager dialog, then search for the tag and remove it.
On Android, when selecting tags from the list, tap on the tag, then tap Delete.

Thanks that works!

Any plans to allow clicking into this Tag Manager via “Tags” on the sidebar of the Desktop app, like how Projects or Notebooks work? I don’t think I would have figured out that there is a Tag Manager without asking here, or going through the docs and finding out on the short-key.

Anyway been using Everdo past 2 weeks I really love this app. <3

I think it isa good idea to add some way to open the tag manager from the sidebar.