If you stop developing Everdo, will you open source it?

I’m trying out Everdo with the free version, and so far I like it quite a lot. That’s why I’m considering the pro version.

However, the price tag is quite steep IMO. That’s not a criticism - I understand why a project like this can’t be as cheap as something that sells millions of copies. However, before investing that money I want to make sure it’s a “future proof” solution. The fact that the app runs locally and can export its database into easily processable formats is a big plus in that regard already, but I’m still wondering what will happen if you ever decide to stop developing / supporting Everdo.

So here’s the main question: Would you agree to turn Everdo or any of its individual subprojects into free / open source projects in the event you don’t want to or can’t support them anymore? In the most complete case, that would probably involve regularly pushing your code repositories to some trusted party that will release them under a free license if certain conditions are met, e.g. no new version being released for a number of years, or in case you are hit by a bus (sorry, not a nice thought, but it’s a factor one has to consider).

I completely appreciate this concern.

I do plan on supporting Everdo indefinitely. However if for some reason it becomes unviable, I would prefer to release the code rather than let it be be abandoned.

I wouldn’t trust automation to do this. When it comes to people, I do have similar agreements in place.


Thanks, that is good to hear. I wasn’t necessarily talking about an automated mechanism, so if you have an agreement with someone to take care of this if it was ever necessary, that meets my criteria.

I have been testing Everdo for several years now and although it is not yet part of my daily routine, I have not found anything that would work better than Everdo. Well, apart from paper of course! I would have to develop it myself to be 100% in line with what I want. Having said that, I have purchased the licence, which is steep, maybe, but in my opinion not expensive for what it gives you. I will have to invest a lot of energy and discipline to make it work for me, but if it doesn’t, at least I’ll be happy to have supported this very valuable solution. Hats off! And if you should ever need to abandon, I too would fully support making it public.


I do plan on supporting Everdo indefinitely. However if for some reason it becomes unviable, I would prefer to release the code rather than let it be be abandoned.

The community is here whenever you need us.

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Very nice. Highly appreciated.

Paper is what I’m moving away from right now - I started that way because I didn’t want to get bogged down by comparing different software solutions and trying to settle on one before actually starting with GTD. And I have to say, paper IS pretty good, all things considered.

Now that I have a somewhat better grasp of how things work though, I’m trying to eliminate the tedium of manually copying lines from one list to another every time a status changes, or copying notes I made on the go into my GTD folder.

So I looked at a few options, and Everdo was one of the few options that looked appropriate and had both Android and Linux support. Task Coach was another hot contender and I used it in the past, but the apparent lack of a sync feature that would work well between mobile and desktop was an issue, and it’s not really built with GTD in mind (though I’m sure it can be used for that).

I tried Everdo for a bit in a particular context, and it seems to do what I need and doesn’t feel like it’s getting in my way, which is a really good sign. One area I’m not 100% on is project materials - it feels like it would be good to be able to attach files to tasks or projects. However, since I set up a way to link to emails in Thunderbird most of the actual use for that has a solution now, and for other things I can use a folder on my PC and a file:// link in the task (though I’d have to set up something like dropbox if I wanted to keep that synced between different PCs as well).

I got a license now because it feels worthwhile to switch completely to Everdo and I do have a few more than 5 projects in my paper list, but also to support the project. Keep it up!

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Everdo is absolutely perfect for me (missing only dark theme on Android). I’m a programmer too and if this project should end, the source code on GitHub could save the project and us too :wink:
Thank you

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