Import JSON backup from Nirvana GTD app

Since Everdo has lots of similarities with Nirvana GTD app, is it possible to import “JSON export file created by Nirvana app” into Everdo?

The combinations of factors make this unlikely:

  1. It’s a one-off feature. Meaning that you might use it once and then never again. Low value.

  2. There’s no reason to prioritize this above import from Todoist, or any other app, since the underlying data is similar in most todo apps. And Everdo is not trying to steal users of Nirvana or any specific app, so it’s unfair to only import from one app and not others.

  3. High effort of initial development and maintenance. We don’t control the data format of another app’s backups, so the feature can very easily break at any time.

  4. Few users need it, compared to many other features.

In case someone want’s to give it a try. The JSON format Everdo uses for import/export is simple and transparent (ask questions). It should be easy to write a program to map well-defined data to this format. Parsing another app’s data, on the other hand, can be difficult, but you can choose what to omit. That’s what I did when I migrated to Everdo.

OK. got it. Thanks Andrei.

Another one who arrives here trying to pass to Everdo his NirvananHQ database. Is there some kind of community support to do this? I do not have much idea of how to make the Everdo format correctly read the Nirvana database. If I try, could someone help me out or tell me who could help me do it?

Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide a complete solution, but I will try to help if you have a specific problem or question regarding the Everdo import format.

Thanks, Andrei. Can I send you a PM?

Of course, please do.

@sunilgtder how did this go?
I want to go this route, too.

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