Import projects/tasks from asana (csv/json)

I tried importing a project from Asana using their Json export, but it didn’t go through in Everdo. There’s also no csv import option, which is another output format from Asana in case Json doesn’t work well.

Please note that some tasks have a free text field within them, so I can’t just copy and past the task names and convert to actions.

How can people transition from Asana easily?



Unfortunately, JSON exports of different apps are generally not compatible. I haven’t seen what Asana JSON export looks like, but I think that with some work it is possible to convert it to Everdo JSON import file. However this is a programming task and it’s only worth it if there are lots of existing tasks to keep.
Otherwise it will be easier to start with an empty database and create tasks as needed.

It’s likely that a lot of people are considering transitioning from Asana and they don’t do so because of this issue, without reporting it here. I don’t have the numbers though.

You may be right. But there are dozens of popular productivity apps and unfortunately each one has it’s own data export format, which also can shift at any time. This makes supporting exports from other apps difficult.