Import tasks in batches


I have a suggestion. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to import more tasks at once ? For example, we could consider that several lines (with line breaks) correspond to one task per line.

A first line for a first task
A second line for a second task
A third line for a third task
A fourth line for a fourth task 

In my mind this would only work for inbox (shortcut i )

I think this could easily be automated with a simple script that calls the capture API repeatedly for each line of the file.


Indeed it should be possible to do it with a script but I can that it would be an interesting native function too.

Example. You take meeting notes in your favorite note application and you note on the fly the tasks to do at the end of the document. Then copy/paste it into everdo and everything in the inbox!

I have another idea / workaround.

  1. Write down your tasks in the checklist format - with dashes at the front.
  2. Insert the resulting list into a project description.
  3. Use the “convert to actions” feature located in the description-level menu.
  4. Move the created items to Inbox

Hi @Andrei
This is indeed a good idea. It’s more steps than I had in mind but it saves time if the list is long :+1:

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