Impossible to pay for a pro version

It seems impossible to pay for a pro version. When I click on “Get Everdo Pro” all I get is a blank page (see screenshot). I tried both on Safari and Firefox.

Screenshot 2020-12-19 à 22.51.47|690x355

Yes. Confirmed. It appears to be down

I think that I found the issue. The checkout page asks for WebRTC but I explicitly block WebRTC requets on all of my browsers. It should work for you if you enable it back even temporarily.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue so far on any type of a browser or device. If you still get this, could you please share what errors appear in the development console of the browser?

From the screenshot it looks like the script responsible for rendering the page either fails to load, or throws an error. The failure to load could be network-related and temporary.

In any case, please share more details if you can.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-20 à 13.07.12
(Firefox 84.0 / Mac OS 11.1 / CPU ARM M1)

Is this useful?

I get the same result on Firefox 83.0 & Safari 12.12 / Mac OS 10.12.6 / CPU Intel

… and Chrome 87.0 / Android EMUI 9.1.0

Extremely helpful, thanks. I was able to reproduce it easily at last!

The crash was specific to certain browser languages or user locales. It should be fixed now.

(since I helped you realise there was a problem with your payment page) a little promo code could be a wonderful way to thank me (nothing ventured, nothing gained :smiley: )

Please check your PM

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Wow!!! Someone is begging for some refund :joy: