Impressions so far

Hey, I know that I threw a bunch of things out there the last couple days related to my user experience so far. Most of the issues were me missing functionality that was already there, and the one tag/context issue that I found you were all over. Just wanted to say that I’m enjoying the software so far, the UI is nice, and the general flow works the way I think. Anyway, just wanted to say so far so good, looking forward to implementation of your roadmap in the future.

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Thank you! We are just getting started.

Who’s behind Everdo? A company, a team of people, you?

The vision and the work is done by me if that’s what you’re asking :slight_smile:

Well, amazing work and amazing dev speed in that case!

LOVE how items can be drag sorted in views without it affecting the other views. To be able to sort drag Focus items while the items themselves stay the way they are in there respective Projects is a delight!