Improved Collapse/Expand Functionality, Bulk Drag and Drop, and More - Everdo Desktop Update 1.3.6- Everdo

May 21, 2020

Hello! We are proud to introduce a new update for the desktop Everdo app, bringing to you some of the long awaited features.

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Great update!
You are pushing me to permanently say goodbye to Nirvana.
Please take into account adding a small option to sort a list of projects by name. I mean alphabetically.

Love the updates! Is there a 3-pane view option yet (with details, notes, etc in the 3rd pane like Wunderlist or MS To Do)?

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Finally, I love these new possibilities :grinning:
I would have liked you to separate the collapse/expand icon into 2 icons because it makes one more click :thinking: (like any yes / no button)


I agree, I think two clicks are unnecessary but this can be done with just one button.

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Yep, I’d like to see a toogle button, too. Like on android.

BTW the toggle on android needs to be reachable within one touch…

Wow, it was the most proactive release I’ve ever seen, I’ve just added “everdo feature request: save collapsed list” to my inbox and received this update :). Well done! I like progress you do!


IMHO this one is not fixed, yet.

The search bar width has been fixed to prevent any possible differences between machines / OS.
Here is the appropriate width 2020-06-03-08:03:05-select. Is it different in your case?

Seems to be the same, hm, I thought the search bar was bigger…
I think it should take all the available space :wink:

The fixed width makes the search bar nicely aligned to the left with other control elements. Filling all available space with the search bar will look really weird I think.

I see the alignment on the left side, but that’s not what I mean. What’s with the unused space on the right side?