Inbox and Areas


I’m a new Pro user and I wanted to inquire with the forum the following:

Is the Inbox the same for all Areas?

For example, I have 3 Areas so far

  • Personal
  • Work
  • Goals & Objectives

So if I enter tasks to Inbox in the Personal Area but I also see those items in the Inbox of the other two areas, is this the normal behavior of the Inbox, its shared across all areas?


Hi and welcome.
Inbox is one for the whole system. During review/processing inbox process you have to decide where particular item belongs to.

Inbox is for capture, so you might put an item into Inbox before you decide which area it belongs to. For example, a lot of the stuff I add to Inbox gets discarded without ever getting into an Area.

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Sorry perhaps, I did clarify my question in right manner. What I want to know is the normal behavior of the inbox (technically) is it just one for all areas. Meaning, I’m catching up with my Work Area and I quickly input a few items to the INBOX then I switch to my Personal Area and I see those items there too. Is this normal or are Area INBOXes different, meaning the items of each area will stay in their corresponding INBOX.


The problem with separate inboxes is that if you are working in Area A and come up with an arbitrary task that you need to capture, you would have to switch to the relevant Area X to capture the task and then back to A. Also you would need to classify the task immediately. I think it’s better to avoid this distraction by having a shared inbox.

Yup it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the answer.