Inline Command for set specific start date not functioning

I’m trying to use inline commands to schedule a task for the future, using the :s command. Two of the commands work but two of the formats do not work. I am on desktop (Debian).

:s 1 - works
:s 1 September - works
:s September 1 - doesn’t work
:s Sept 1 - doesn’t work

After typing :s Sept 1 and hitting Enter to save the task, the task stays in the Inbox and removes the text about Sept 1.

Only 3-letter month abbreviations are recognized. For example both sep 1 2022 and 1 sep 2022 should work.

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OH wow, thanks for helping. I guess I was confused because the example in the helpdocs is May…which is both the name of the month and its 3-letter abbreviation!