Inline Commands for Days of the Week


Coming back to Everdo after some time away and I’m loving the inline commands but I just noticed to there is no way to program s: mon s: tues s: wed

as oppose to counting the days eg. today is Friday so if I would want to schedule a task for Wednesday next week it would be s: 5 which I therefore have to count the number of days until that day.

In my humble opinion the s: should be extended to recognize the days of the weeks abbreviated

Then creating the task would be even faster. I can think of a few user case scenarios this would be very handy like for example. A brain dump, during the weekly review, and or just inputing items to the inbox that the day of the week has already been clarified in your mind and you no longer need to follow that task through to put this quick information.

I am wondering what are you thoughts and perhaps if its possible at all or I"m just dreaming.

Cheers and have a great weekend everyone.



+1. I’ve found myself having to “count” how many days it is until the day of the week, for example “:s 3” to hit Monday.