iOS ESS Login - invalid credentials

I am trying to set up a new device with Everdo, and I am using ESS for sync. When I get to the point that I need to login to ESS, I get an error saying “invalid email/password”.

To check where the issue lies, I have tried to login to the browser ESS with the same credentials with success. I have also made sure that I am using the correct login (ie. not the Everdo Forum credentials). As I can tell, I am using the same credentials in both places, yet it works in the browser but not iOS app.

@Tycholiz you could try a different password. I had something similar happen and changing the password fixed the problem. I suspect the password I was using was the reason (weird characters).

Thanks for confirming!

Yes ! I changed my password to not use symbols (though I’m not sure that’s the cause), and everything is working now.

Thanks for your help @Mai and thanks for checking in @Andrei !

Thanks for confirming!