iOS Focus List Grouping/Sorting

I’ve recently finished migrating from Nirvana HQ to Everdo and overall find it to be a big improvement, but one thing I’ve found that has caused me some grief is the lack of options to sort/group the Focus list in the iOS app. I understand that the execution/capture features are prioritized in the iOS app as it was explained to me previously, that does make sense and I agree with that philosophy and for my use case I feel that a sort/group option would really help with iOS execution.

I also agree with the philosophy of keeping the focus list very short and ideally down to one screen, especially with the use of areas, but that doesn’t quite work out on iOS for us users of smaller phones like the iPhone SE/8/etc. I also use my focus list to keep track of repeating daily/weekly/monthly tasks like meditating or checking my smoke detectors, so the ability to group by project and collapse specific projects on the focus list makes it much easier to execute from the iOS app. For example I have many monthly tasks scheduled for the first Sunday of the month, so if I find myself needing to take care of another project that day it’s very useful to just be able to hide all the monthly tasks on the focus list that morning with a tap.

I’ve tried to work this out with tags/areas but it doesn’t work quite as well for me as having them organized in projects. Those might work out better if there were some other sorting options available but at the moment the Focus list on iOS feels like a big jumble of things where I have no control over the order or grouping making it feel very disorganized and hard to navigate if I have even just 8 or more items on it.

Part of the problem for me here is that the iOS Focus list appears to group new recurring tasks by project but not recurring tasks from the same project that are created the next day. If the Focus list could at least sort by project even without the ability to collapse groups of projects and followed the order that my projects were set to that would help a lot but grouping by project and the ability to collapse groups would be my preferred solution.

Leaving this a bit open ended and not going into extreme detail of what I’ve tried to avoid spamming because I’ve already written a lot here lol, I’m just open to any sorting/grouping improvements to the Focus list that can be achieved with the iOS app because currently it’s making execution difficult for me in the iOS app. My options at the moment are dealing with Nirvana’s wonky sync issues or having a jumble of disorganized items in the Focus list every time I’m out and about and trying to deal with Focus items. Happy to discuss the feature request and would welcome any suggestions on how to adjust workflow to work around this problem at least in the interim.