iOS - Go back by swiping right from Project tasks list view

When I’m going through a list of tasks (Next, for example), I can tap on a task to open its details/edit view. From there, I can swipe right or press Back to get back to the previous screen (Next list in this example). This brings me back to the same position in the list as I was before entering the details for the task.

From the projects list the behavior is similar: I can enter the details/edit screen for a specific project and go back to where I was before easily.

However, when I’m going through a task list like Next or the projects list and I tap on a project to go into its tasks list, I cannot go back. Swiping right from a project tasks list brings up the menu. So I need to get back from the menu to whatever place I was in, and find my position again in that list as the scroll position is lost.
Which is tiresome when I’m reviewing the list of projects for example, as I go inside each to make sure I have the right tasks for each.

Would it be possible to implement a ‘go back’ option by swiping right from the project task list screen?

I agree this is bad for usability on an iPhone. It’s a bit better on a tablet since you can usually go back reasonably easily using the sidebar.

The reason back navigation doesn’t “just work” in this context is because there is no navigation taking place from the iOS perspective (the view only changes its contents).

I think we could add a back button that would appear in the nav bar only after opening a project list. I will create a bug ticket for this.

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