iOS reminders only work for today?

Hi folks,
I’m wrong or I can only available to place reminders for today in my iphone?
Thanks in advance for your support!

Hello, a reminder should repeat every day at the same time as long as it is assigned to an action that is not completed.

Thanks for your reply Andrei.
If a taks is scheduled to be done in 2 months, receiving a reminder every day during 2 months is an important inconvinience. It is much more logical to link the reminder to the scheduled day or to the due date.
Is it possible to adapt the iOS app?
Thank you in advance

Actually it works as you would expect, that is the reminder will only begin on the scheduled day and continue daily until you complete or remove the action. That’s the design at least please let me know if you notice a different behavior.

Perfect. Thank you for your support!