iOS: tags sorted alphabetically in tasks

When creating a new task and selecting its tags in iOS version of Everdo, I strongly recommmend that avaliable tags are sorted alphabetically, so they can be found easily. They aren’t currently sorted so it’s difficult to find them when you have lots of tags.

In addition to that, I think it’s better to show separately contexts, areas and other types of tags.


I second this, and would add that ideally there would be a type to search option for tags the way you can on the desktop app (one of the few things I miss from Nirvana) but I get that the tag search would be more work so I’d gladly settle for a better tag sorting for now.

To me this seems like an important problem to be solved since the iOS app focuses on capture and execution. Sometimes it’s crucial to get tags/due date/etc marked on an item immediately during capture, especially when you’re going to be away from a computer and won’t have a chance to use the desktop app for review between the capture and the execution.