iOS: The list goes back to the top position during scrolling down

Sometimes when I scroll down, a list goes back to the top position. I think this issue was reported some time ago. I haven’t experienced it again until… today.

This has been happening to me as well, also on iOS. Closing and reopening the app doesn’t seem to help.

Killing the app completely should definitely help. Unfortunately there’s still no concrete way to reproduce the issue, so it’s difficult to find the cause.

Is there any way to help you with reproducing the issue? It happens to me all the time.

Kill the app, then re-open it and do the minimum number of steps to make the bug happen.
Also try with autosync on and off.
Once you have the steps, write them down.

I will try and let you know.

I have this issue constantly but still don’t know how to create steps for you to reproduce.

BTW is there any new version in TestFlight?
I don’t have access to this anymore.

What device and iOS version are you using? Does it happen with/without automatic sync?

I use iPhone XS with latest iOS.
I haven’t tried working without automaticsync. I will try.

Unfortunately, I have got the same results:(

One thing is I have never experienced this issue on iPad. It only happens to me when using iPhone.

Good to know! Will do more testing on iPhones.

It is so strange that you can’t reproduce this issue. It happens to me all the time.

Yes, this is so strange. Usually in cases like this there is something very specific about the data that causes the issue.
What if you create a bunch of inbox items without any content or tags, does the bug happen in Inbox?
Could you please record a video of the issue occurring? It might help to get a feel of what might be happening.

Please look at this screen recording:

Now I observe even stranger behaviour. When the list is set to the place somewhere in the middle and I try to scroll to the top then the view is going back to the middle position which was active at when I opened the list.

Maybe there is a problem with a function which tries to remember and restore the position of each list?

Thanks for all the info. I will make some changes and let you know about a Test Flight build to verify.

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