iOS: Widget for fast capture

Hi Andrei,

it would be useful a widget for fast capture. I think Everdo had to improve in capture options: iOS/Android widget, mail to task…

What do you think?


I agree, this definitely should be added. It’s in the backlog list A.


Sweet, I’m so looking forward to this update, it would makes things so much easier.

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Just bought Everdo after a bunch of research. Super disappointed there is no way to quickly capture something into the Inbox on ios. All I need is long-hold on the icon, an “Add to Inbox” menu, and ability to type some text. Siri would be cool.

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There is an “add to inbox” widget in iOS. It’s a bit fiddly, in that it actually adds the item to the active view (Inbox, Next, Focus, etc.).

That said, I agree that a long-press context menu item would be preferred.

You can change the list with a single tap on the desired list.

This shouldn’t be difficult to add as another entry point into the existing workflow. I’ll add it to the current release scope.

Hi @Andrei,
This is an important topic to quicly add tasks into the aplication on the go.
I don’t know the reason for the size og the widget, but it is really too big.

  1. Is it possible to make it smaller?
  2. If not, is it possible to make a long-press context menu item to quickly add a task?

Thank you in advance for your replay :slight_smile:

Has this function been implemented already. It seems like all apps these days in iOS have a long press and you can input a task to the inbox.