iOS: Widget for fast capture

Hi Andrei,

it would be useful a widget for fast capture. I think Everdo had to improve in capture options: iOS/Android widget, mail to task…

What do you think?


I agree, this definitely should be added. It’s in the backlog list A.


Sweet, I’m so looking forward to this update, it would makes things so much easier.

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Just bought Everdo after a bunch of research. Super disappointed there is no way to quickly capture something into the Inbox on ios. All I need is long-hold on the icon, an “Add to Inbox” menu, and ability to type some text. Siri would be cool.

There is an “add to inbox” widget in iOS. It’s a bit fiddly, in that it actually adds the item to the active view (Inbox, Next, Focus, etc.).

That said, I agree that a long-press context menu item would be preferred.

You can change the list with a single tap on the desired list.

This shouldn’t be difficult to add as another entry point into the existing workflow. I’ll add it to the current release scope.