Is:repeating search

Would be nice if there is a way to find repeating tasks, something like is:repeating

Thanks, I’ll add this to the list of search filters to implement, along with in:trash, in:view and some others.

Related to this, I’m not clear what criteria is followed by everdo in searchs, search within the section that you are (for example in focus) or in all tasks (for example in Next). Could you clarify this point?

In it’s present state, the scope of search by default is

all non-archived and non-trash items

If you wish to search archived items, you can also use in:archive operator at the beginning of search query.

As I mentioned in above post, I want to expand search functionality to add more flexibility, including searching in the current view and more.

Also working on a comprehensive user manual, so that people can finally figure out things like this more easily :wink: