Is th waiting for restricted to one person?

Hi there,
it looks to me as if the waiting for is restricted to one person or is there a way to chose 2 or more?

Thanks for a hint


I agree that it could be interesting to integrate this possibility. And when several people have been selected as “waiting” there could be a mention “group” instead of “someone” and the list of names in the tags. @Andrei ?

For me it would be important that I don’t have to define groups because the waiting assignment is quite different form task to task and often a one time regarding the combination of the assignees.

The group could appear when there are two or more contacts mentioned.

The way I understand the purpose of contact selection in this feature is to specify a person to follow up with regards to a particular issue. I never considered that it’s possible to have multiple people being assigned / report on the same issue. So to answer your question, yes it’s restricted to a single person and it’s a fairly hard restriction internally.

It has it’s dangers to assign a task to more than one person. However, in the world I live and work that does happen. What if a task is addressed to a group? I can make a contact being a group. People in a group can hide behind the groups name? Then the task is assigned to a group but who will be responsible?
I don’t have a solution but if it is a fairly hard internal restriction of Everdo I understand your hesitation to widen it. Might be a lot of work.