Is there a good way to instantiate a repeated task early

If I have a repeating task, when the next start date comes about it will create an instance in your next list and focus list and then it will update the repeated task to reflect the next start date. Sometimes the next start day may be a day or two in the future and I want to trigger those steps early so that it is brought into my next list today.

This can often happen when you cannot express complex repeating rules in everdo. E.g. I have a task to process my end of month paycheck (file the paystub, update my budget, etc). I get paid on the 15th and last day of the month, but if that day is on the weekend it occurs on the last business day, but also the paycheck stub is available a day ahead of that. So in reality the task occurs 1 day before the last business day of the month. All I can do is say recur on the last day of the month, but for this month the last day is Sunday but I am able to do the task today on Thursday, but there is no easy way I can find to handle this in Everdo.

I want to say bring the instance to my list today and setup the next instance.

Any thoughts? I am looking for a way to click on a schedule task and say start it now. For a non-repeating task you can just move it to the next list, but if you do this with a repeating task it will no longer be a repeating task.

So the only way to handle it that I can find is to:

  • Clone the repeating task
  • Drag the clone to the focus or next list
  • Edit the repeating task to change the start date

I guess what I want is a menu item on a repeating task to do this with one click

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Similarly it would be nice to have a menu item that says “Skip next instance”

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You summarized the issue in a good way!
Additionally see Marking a scheduled repeating item as done hides it from the UI

There is no good way to start a repeating task early. Your request completely makes sense, but given the current design of repeating items it’s difficult to implement. So it will probably stay like this for a while,

By the way, cloning the repeating item won’t help because the original one will still repeat on schedule independently of the new one.

That was the point of the third step:

  • Edit the repeating task to change the start date

Sorry, I missed that. This should work fine I think.