Is there a limit on local sync clients?

Hi! I’ve been using Everdo for a couple of weeks (great stuff by the way!). I’m currently on the free version (will be upgrading once I have funds), but I’m hitting a strange error that makes me wonder if the sync system is somehow limited for the free version? Let me explain…

I have:

  • An Arch Linux laptop (my work machine) acting as the server, running the API on the wired ethernet IP
  • A second Arch Linux desktop (gaming PC) synced as a client
  • An Android mobile synced as a client

All 3 of these machines work fine, and sync correctly. However, when I tried to add another Arch laptop (my personal laptop) to the mix, it didn’t work. I have the new client setup in manual mode, and clicking “Pull from server” claims success (the infobox under the sync area says so) but it doesn’t actually pull anything from the work laptop.

It seems very odd that both another Linux client and an Android client work fine, yet this does not, hence why I’m wondering if the sync system is limited? How can I debug/resolve this?

No, there is no limit here. Must be something else. Try adding a completely new item on the server, then initiating a pull and see what happens. When you check the status message, make sure the timestamp is correct.

Good to know, thanks. New items are not being synced, nor are tags/contexts (I can see these new items and tags on a working client). The timestamp looks correct, i.e “Synced Mon Feb 11 2019 22:35:58 GMT+0000 (GMT)”. Is there a log file I can check?

This is so strange.

To see logs on Linux, run the app in console with level=debug variable. Like this:

$ level=debug everdo >> server.log

I suggest the following steps:

  1. Disable all other clients temporarily (so that they don’t pollute the server log)
  2. Run both the client and the server with logging enabled
  3. Create one inbox item on the server
  4. Initiate manual sync on the client once
  5. Stop the apps and PM me the logs

You might also repeat the steps but this time create an item on the client to see what happens when changes are detected in the opposite direction.

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Sorry for the delay. I’ll send the logs by PM now. Note I’m using “Manual Pull” because I don’t want the server to lose tags etc which has happened before. I can back up the .config/everdo folder and try a full sync if you think the behaviour might be different.

All sorted via PM - thanks for the help @Andrei!