Is there a repository?

I’m on Linux (Ubuntu distribution) and was wondering if there was an Everdo github repository to make updating automatic. It’ll just be more convenient than manually downloading a file and installing.


Do you mean publishing artifacts (packages) to github? Could you please describe how that can be used for automatic updating?

I guess what the request is is to have a repository that we can add in our apt get process.
So if we do our normal apt get update it will check if there is a new .deb file for everdo and update it automatically.

Just a quick google brought me this as a way how this can be set up, also with the right certificates to ensure the repository is safe:

Yes this makes sense, but @KrisBalintona specifically mentioned github, hence my question.
Of course the apt repository would be great. Although as I understand, Ubuntu is now moving to Flatpak for app distribution purposes.

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I have also read that. Not sure how it works, but there is a “arch package”, so if you are on arch you can use that to update. Remember it might take a day or two extra though before you get the updates when using that.

Yup! I’m the arch maintainer. I basically see that there is an update and push a couple updated files to AUR. So, if I’m on vacation or don’t have my arch system it could take a couple days for the latest to propagate through.