Is there a trial for the pro version?

Is there a way to test the full/pro everdo for a month or 15 days? A kind of temporary key.

I say this because I am a todoist user and I would love to try everdo in its entirety to see if it fits my everday workflow. Only 5 projects are limited for me.

Congratulations on the great job, especially for having a linux app.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, let me re-iterate that the 5 projects, 5 notebooks and 2 areas are indeed the only limitations of the free license.

The hope is that 5 projects would be reasonable for evaluation in most cases, but of course everyone is different. However, it’s not feasible to have temporary Pro licenses because of the nature of the app (that is, completely disconnected from the cloud). This makes the current trial/upgrade scheme the only practical option.

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Ok. I understand.

Thank you.