Issues with getting ESS setup

I decided it’s time to upgrade to ESS, but I had issues getting it set up. I have it working now, in a slightly suboptimal way, but here are the issues I experienced getting it to work with my Android device:

First I tried quick pairing, but when it was time to scan the QR code, the screen was just black. (I did give the app camera permission)

Second, I tried to do manual setup. But it failed to sign in with message: “sign in error Unable to resolve host ‘’: No address associat…”. This seemed to be a conflict with VPN. I fixed it by exluding Everdo from my VPN, which is suboptimal but it works. (There was nothing in the logs regarding this error).

The only other “issue” I had was with tags getting deleted on my desktop with auto-sync on, but this was fixed once I did a push from desktop.

Anyway, I’m excited to have server side syncing now and to support the project!