Items re-scheduled from the future to today gets automatically starred

… even with no due date or a due date in the future

to my knowledge automatic starring is (only) done, when due date is reached, but not when start date is reached. But the latter is the case in this scenario:

create new item
schedule it with a start date to the future
put no due date or a due date also in the future
→ the new item gets into the list ‘Scheduled’

then edit this item and
set start date to today
→ the new and edited item flips to the next list - which is ok
and gets starred ! - which seems not ok

Also the other way round seems not consistent for me:

due comes → item gets starred
re-schedule due to the future → item is still starred - which should not !

At least not in all cases. To my thinking this should happen:

  • if starring comes ‘automatically’ then take back the star ‘automatically’
  • but if starring was done ‘manually’ it should be kept as long as not redone ‘manually’

I’m on Windows, Everdo 1.8.5

No, reaching the start date starres items, that’s the desired behavior.

You can then decide from the focus view if that item just should live in your action lists and remove the star or keep it if you want to focus on it.

If you do not star the item when the start date hits, you could easily miss that item.
This might work if you have not that much items.

But I could well imagine a setting “Do not star item on the start date”

Well, thanx for making this clear. Seems I read the docs wrong. I thought due date does the starrring in contrast zu start date.

+1 for: But I could well imagine a setting “Do not star item on the start date”