Just a silly question

Hi community. For those of us who are iOS users and Everdoers, how do you cope with no mobile app for your work?? Any workaround or trick that can share meanwhile we wait for 2019 iOS launching?? Thanks in advance!!

Sadly, I’m just patiently waiting. No workarounds that I’ve attempted.

Before development for Android even started, I used a simple built-in list app to capture notes/tasks on mobile, and then added them to Everdo as part of daily review. It’s kind of like having a second Inbox. When you do a daily GTD review, it doesn’t matter that much that you have two inboxes (mobile and desktop) instead of one.

When it comes to actually getting stuff done, It helps if most of the work is being done on a computer, which I believe is true for the vast majority of users.

For anyone who’s primary mobile use case for the mobile app is Inbox/capture - this part will be the first to get done and released. So the timeframe looks better than the whole app.

For quick capture of any idea, task, memo, etc., indeed any list app or even built in app (like Notes for iOS) surely works. My comment was more toward people like me who are usually on the road for work. For such case the mobile is our primary work tool instead of laptop or desktop if the case. I was a former user of Nirvana HQ, and really like it the software even as I am not a big fan of SaaS. However, deal breaker for me was its mobile app… really flawed design and usability. Ending up using Wunderlist again (and now Everdo Pro), which mobile companion is top notch in my opinion. Very slick design and a lot of remarkable features to note for your future iOS version of Everdo if I may say.

Thanks for the pointer, will take a look.

Could you please elaborate what’s wrong with it?

Quick example: use of tags. When you are on the road, and you want to quickly check any tasks under context “Errand” for instance, in Nirvana-HQ you have to go through like 4 or 5 screens in order to filter your Next Action list with the proper tag, including multiple “Ok” button pressings to go out of the filtering section. Really cumbersome. Many other apps like Wunderlist or Omnifocus have a more elegant, efficient way to tackle this common, frequent task you are expected to do every day on your phone. Nirvana has a freemium type service so you may want to open a sample account and download the app to play around and see my point.

Nice insight! The filtering in Everdo mobile is indeed going to be 1-click, very similar to how it’s done on Desktop. It just so happens the filter section for Android is in development right now.