Keyboard shortcuts questions (Updated title since I found some more I would like to ask about)

Hello! So I’m a heavy keyboard user and almost never leave my keyboard unless I have to use the mouse. :smiley: Now after using Everdo for a bit of time there are some shortcuts I haven’t found. I’m not sure if they aren’t in the app or I’m just not finding them.

  1. Toggle a task to done
  2. Move a task up or down (e.g. something like in VS Code where you hold down ALT+Arrow key to move the full line of text up or down), is there something similar in Everdo? This is something I would really like since I have most “Projects” as Sequential, so when I’m doing a braindump in a project I can then later sort the task without going away from my keyboard.
  3. Delete a task
  4. Edit a project I’m currently in. I’m wondering if there is a simple way to edit the project I’m currently inside (not adding new tasks, but updating the title, adding notes etc.) without having to click the title with my mouse? I know there is a way in the Project List, but when I’m inside a project it looks like I can only quickly edit my “Next Actions”


Not yet, but will be Alt+arrow will be added.


There’s no shortcut for this, but sometimes you can go back to the Projects list by pressing backspace, edit the project directly, and go back inside with alt+enter

Thanks! I didn’t see them in the help screen so I wasn’t aware of them!

+1 for this to be implemented! Not only for tasks, but for projects too.

Actually I joined the forum to request this feature. Thanks in advance!

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