Keyboard shortcuts with non-standard layout

Hey Andrei,

I just started using Everdo on a Mac and have the same problem I previously had on Ubuntu using a non-standard keyboard layout (Neo 2). I cannot use the shortcuts utilizing the colon because Everdo recognizes the colon character as a “d”, which is on the same key as “:” in this layout, just with an added modifier key.
I know this is probably an issue for a very small group of people but maybe you could change at which ‘level’ the keys are grabbed to make this work.
FYI: I’m on MacOS 11.0.1 and using Karabiner for the custom keyboard layout.


If I understand correctly, the only way to solve this is by providing a way to configure shortcuts.

Listening on a different level is possible. For example instead of the physical “d” key we can listen to the “d” character. The problem then becomes that many keyboard layouts don’t have “d” at all, so they will not be able to trigger the corresponding event. So merely listening for characters instead of physical keys introduces a new problem.

This problem would be reduced or fixed by allowing the user to remap the hotkeys at Everdo level, but that is a rather big piece of work, so I’m not sure when it can be done just yet.