Less volatile actions in Android app


I am using the Android app and more often than I like, I am losing information while collecting.

  • When using “Add to inbox” (long press on icon), I get a white input bar. When I press outside of that bar (on accident), it vanishes without warning that the text is not stored
  • Pressing in edit screen on the back arrow or the arrow icon in the top corner ← if text or fields are modified, there is no notification that data will be lost.

Accidentally pressing back, or pressing the wrong arrow can make changes undone. It would be great if in actions that undo user input, a dialog can be shown like; “Discard changes? Yes - No” so that this is at least clear that input will be lost.



I have entered a ticket for adding a discard confirmation in the editor activity. However with regards to the quick add activity I’m not so sure. I think there needs to be an easy way to close the activity and I definitely don’t want a dialog there. Maybe saving the input without questions would be better?

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maybe it’s okay to submit the input to the inbox when the keyboard fades out even when the user didn’t push the send button.

I’d rather delete a superfluous captured input than accidentally miss one.


By the way I tested Todoist, they also prevent data loss by dialog on the home quick add screen. So it’s not really "nagging the user’ because the user was the one invoking the command to begin with. Maybe some extra info that there are no clear guidelines violated if Everdo warns against user input loss.

I tried adding a discard confirmation dialog and it seems to work well. Discarding an activity is still seamless as long as it’s empty / unchanged. This will soon appear in the testing build.


Awesome, thanks for your quick fix!

So far it works as expected in the test build. No bugs yet.

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