Local Encryption

Does the Pro version of Everdo have local encryption (with password)? It’s the only feature I’m missing.

No, the local database file is not encrypted. May I ask why do you think this might be useful?

For privacy. Then you could sync or backup the database with any server or cloud service without leaving your data exposed. Alternatively, if it were possible to move the database location to the relative path of the program itself than everything cloud be moved to an encrypted container or usb drive.

Got it.

This is actually possible by using databaseFilename setting in config.json.
The settings expects a file path relative the the original application directory. On Windows it would like something like this:

"databaseFilename": "..\\..\\..\\EncryptedLocation\\everdoDB"

On Linux and Mac this should work:

"databaseFilename": "../../../EncryptedLocation/everdoDB"

You can experiment with the setting and see where Everdo creates the empty database file, then once you get it right, move your old DB to that location.

Wish I could move the entire config folder but this is an alright workaround. Thank you.