Local Network Sync problem


I have the following setup:

  1. Desktop PC as Sync Server. Running in local network with sync port forwarded on router to my fixed external IP.
  2. Laptop with Sync Client.
  3. iPhone with Sync Client.

All apps are latest version available from everdo web site (not early release version) - Everdo 1.8.5 on desktops and 1.6.9.-1 on iOS.

All worked fine until Sync Server PC was not available for around 26 hours. I missed this, because Clients are not alerting of any problems with Sync and you need to go in Settings and check sync status. I restarted the Sync Server, Pushed all changes from Laptop Client to server in Manual mode. Pulled all changes from Sync Server to iOS Client. Now Laptop and Server are in Sync, but iOS Client shows additional not completed item that was completed and marked as done on Laptop and Server.

And additional Manual Pulls are not helping to resolve this. How should I resolve this? Simply delete this item, reinstall iOS app to make a clean sync? Any Other options? The main idea - is not to break smth in Sync process.

Do a clean pull on the iOS device. This means the database is purged before pulling data from the server.

Exactly what I have done at first place. But I still have one item in uncompleted state on iOS - but don’t have it on laptop and sync server PC.

Weird. Is it something special, like a scheduled or recurring item?

Yes - it is a scheduled recurring event.

I had trouble with those items in the past too.
But with a clean pull it should really be wiped out… Unless the clean pull does not work like I think.
@Andrei please enlighten us

There is no clean pull in the local network sync. To make a clean pull you need to delete app data in the app you want to re-sync. The normal pull never deletes items that are missing on the source, but present on the target. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about simply deleting or archiving the extra repeated item in question - it should not make any difference in the future.

As an aside, repeating items are a particular challenge to sync correctly. Especially since it takes time for a glitch to occur and there is no observability into the user’s data, which would help find the root cause.

OK. I reinstalled an iOS app. Did Clean Pull. And just after the Clean Pull I got an unchecked item that was comleted previously on iPhone (before reinstall). This item is marked as completed on laptop and Sync Server. I thought - ok, nevermind, checked it out but… Today iOS app showed me new scheduled item in Focus list as uncompleted. This item was comleted several days ago and is completed on Laptop and Sync Server.

I don’t understand what is happening. Look’s like laptop and Sync server are in sync, but iPhone lives on it’s own and creates scheduled items from scheduling templates… And this new items don’t appear on laptop and/or Sync Server - they are visible only on my phone.

Any advices - is it normal or no. What can be done to resolve this?

On iOS, Do you have “auto sync” enabled in Settings/Sync/Manual Setup?

When you start Everdo on your iOS device, it creates scheduled actions independently. When sync happens, these should become completed if they have been completed on the server. But if sync is not automatic, or if there is no network, then the scheduled actions will remain, because the a app has no way of knowing they are completed.

Yes - auto sync is on. And I see that sync was completed 1 second ago.