Location-based notifications

Its weird that this has not been mentioned here yet (or maybe it has but I didn’t find any post related to this topic), but here it goes…

Is it possible to have a location-based view of the app? For example, if I’m @office can we make it so that the app detects that I’m there using GPS, and taking me to that page at startup?

Or… when I’m @office can the app push notifications to remind me of the tasks I have to do while I’m there?

This would be very beneficial since a lot of users forget looking at their phone in different contexts so it would be a life saver for a lot of people. I have a weak point in my “reflect” phase and having that feature would certainly help.


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I would like to see something like this, in the future, too.
Locations also can be identified based on the WiFi you are connected to.

There was a discussion about this buried inside this thread: Notifications for scheduled tasks - #29 by manu

Now let’s get a bit visionary and dreamy:
I like the concept of “Context” identification/reminders/notification.
Because a context not only is defined by a location, but also by available time, energy and tools.
So if there is a somewhat intelligent algorithm that knows that I’m on a computer, at my office with two hours of unscheduled time it could show me all the next actions that could be done in this given context.

On the other hand automatically identifying just ONE of those parameters would up the game several levels.

Even storing favorite filter settings could be of help.

That would be crazy! In a good way!

A location-based notification system would be a great start!

That’s what I miss the most in Todoist…

I knew I read it somewhere but couldn’t find it when I searched for it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Somewhat related is Android: Allowing to create shortcuts for different views/tags - #3 by fbn

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Its similar regarding the ease of viewing contexts, but not with location-based notifications… please consider adding this feature, it really is a deal breaker.

Personally, I’d prefer links (URI’s) to views and/or tags as that would provide the greatest flexibility. For example, it would open a future path to allowing a “Shortcuts” or “Launch Center” type app to decide whether to notify based on location data + calendar availability.

On Samsung phones there is a feature where you can basically set up a custom location-based notification. This could be used as a reminder for you to open a corresponding context. There’s potentially a way to open the app automatically based on this trigger. I wonder if there is something like this for a generic phone and iOS devices.

On iphones there is Reminders app which is awesome and comes default on the phone. It can do location reminders, has amazing speech to text, which makes capture so easy. It also includes reminders for tasks whenever you get in your car (when your phone syncs to car) as well as reminders whenever you text a particular person. For my use, this obviates the need for reminders in Everdo. At the end of the day I just transfer any non-date reminders into Everdo inbox, except ones that have location-based, text-based, or time-based reminders, which I keep in the app.

Many apps like Omnifocus or apple reminders use the location-based notifications.

I’m totally getting the appeal of location-based notifications and contexts, and I would like to have them as well.
I’m often hesitant (on a emotional level) to write something down in Everdo because of the feeling I’m still not getting reminded in those situation I would need.

But I also see this feature in conflict with Everdo’s privacy-first approach. With this in mind, I’m afraid there is no simple to implement this feature. Especially in such a diverse cross-OS environment.

Even Todoist :confused:

Lots of cross-platform apps have implemented this feature… As for the privacy concerns it can be addressed with native location tracking and it should have the option of being turned on and off (off being the default mode)…

I get your point.
But how many apps have a focus on local-first and otherwise end-to-end encrypted data flow? Not a single cloud based one. I mean that’s the reason why I chose to trust Everdo with my most sensitive data, i.e. my day to day todo list.
And that mantra is the reason I think it’s hard to implement with such a feature with privacy in mind.

There are no privacy issues with location tracking specifically because all data in local. So the tracking and notifications can be done locally as well using the built-in capabilities of Android and iOS.

This would be really helpful to me, currently i sort of do it by filtering by areas, but it feels really clunky because i primarily use areas for time boxing.

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I hope this gets implemented soon :slight_smile: