Lost contexts to NAs when updating to 1.9.0

I have three devices: desktop (Mac), laptop (Linux) and phone (Android). The desktop runs the sync server and the others sync to it.

I updated Everdo on my laptop first and haven’t updated on my desktop yet. Unfortunately, I just started looking at my “Next Actions” list and all of the contexts (tags beginning with ‘@’ symbol) are completely gone.

I am going to upgrade my desktop to 1.9.0 and begin retagging everything. However, this was a very disruptive and unexpected issue so I figured I’d report it.


Some of the context tags came back after updating my sync server (desktop) to 1.9.0. But some did not.

My phone (Android) is still on 1.7-13, though. I would update but the Google Play store is saying this is the latest version still.