Lost Note in Notebook

I have a strange behavior with a notebook.
On my mobile (Android 11 Lineage OS, everdo Version 1.7-7)
I created a Notebook and then created a note in it.
Then I wrote a Text in the note, a draft for a research article (around 1500 letters)
I clicked on the green check to save it.
My notebook since then sais “1 Note”
But the List of Notes is empty, my precious text gone.

What can I do ?

I already tried a sync to the desktop with the hope of seeing the note there.
But the Desktop Version also shows 1 Note without any items in the List

Hmm, strange things happening:
After Sync I found the missing Note in the trash on the Desktop and could restore it back to normal.
On the android device it did not exisit in the trash, however.
But I am Lucky to have my text back.

So if you are missing a note item look in the trash ON DESKTOP

BTW: Documentation on using notes would be helpful as

does not even mention that notebooks exist