Mark task for Focus while task is open

It would be nice if you could mark a task for Focus while the task is open. This would commonly be used when reviewing the inbox. Commonly I accidentally click the task above to mark it for focus. Instead, I need to update and review the task, back out, select as focus, then open it back up as next (so it isn’t moved out of the inbox before I select the star). The screenshot is from the most recent PC version. Thank you for your consideration.

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Yes, I would like to see this feature, too. As a workaround you could get used to inline commands. In this case you’d add “:f” at the end.

see Inline Commands | Everdo Help for more inline commands.


I really need to play around with inline commands, that trick is pretty neat. They seem like the ultimate power user option, now only if I can remember the commands. thanks

Yep, inline commands are your friends. The top ones to remember IMO are:

:f - add focus
:f none - remove focus
:m someday/maybe
:n next
:s 1 - schedule for 1 day in advance (can also be used with other numbers or dates)