Memory usage [Windows]


I just found out EverDo, and I like it very much.
I’m currently a user of MyLifeOrganized, but I’m evaluating other options.

One question (my first question): I noticed that EverDo is using about 120MB (Windows 10 x64).
Since EverDo should be “always running” in the background, I think this is quite too much… just for comparison (without the intent to blame anything, just technically thinking about this) MyLifeOrganized is using 0.6MB…

Any ideas about this?
Thank you in advance, and best regards.

Hi Nova,

I think it may be possible to reduce memory use a bit, and it definitely should not grow over time.

The technology Everdo uses (Electron) makes it impossible to make the memory footprint much smaller than 50-100 MB. This might change in the future, but not possible at this point.

Without using Electron, Everdo would simply not be possible in it’s current form, so a higher memory use is a necessary evil.

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