Minor Bits of UI Feedback

Been using Everdo for a few months now and still finding it very useful. Below are just a few minor ticky things I’ve noticed from a UX perspective.

  • On the desktop when looking at your projects in the sidebar there isn’t a obvious difference between inactive projects and complete projects. They both display in a lighter gray. I can run the archive to clear out the completed projects but it would be nice if from a glance I could tell the two apart. Maybe use strikethrough on completed projects?
  • The distance between the task text on the left and the action buttons (delete, etc) on the right can be large if a large screen (desktop). If I am deleting a task I sometimes find myself double and triple-checking to make sure I am deleting the right item. If the tasks were to be zebra striped it could reduce that. It doesn’t have to be a heavy zebra-striping. Just a very light gray (almost imperceptible) every other row I think would help.
  • If I go to the “Projects” listing and sort the projects in the “Someday” category. Then switch to the “Someday” main bucket (which shows both someday tasks and projects) the list of someday projects are not in the same order. It would be nice if the sort order of these two lists were not independent. Changing the order of my someday projects in one place would change it in the other since they are really the same list.

Obviously you have done a great job making a sharp app so you have a good sense if any of these suggestions are good. Ignore them if you have better ideas to address the needs or just like the way things are. But just little minor things I’ve noticed after a few months of using the app.

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Thanks for your feedback!.

I think this is not an issue for most users because a) you mostly view inactive project in the context of a review, which is rare and b) completed projects get archived during the review, so they don’t stick around for long in the list inactive projects.

This is unlikely to be implemented as it’s too much of a styling change at this point. I imagine most users would resize the window width to avoid it being too wide.

I will create a bug ticket to check what is happening in this particular case. There could be some anomalies because of the way the global order is implemented across all the lists.

On the topic of zebra striping, maybe a more neutral styling change would be to highlight the entire row (or to place highlights on both sides) on mouse-over or selection.

For example, the row already has a green line on the left when selected - this could be mirrored on the right-hand side to ensure the right delete button is clicked.


The green line suggestion would work although then you need to select the row first before deleting to get that indicator. Another alternative to zebra striping would be to highlight the current row on hover.

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I agree that highlighting on hover would be very valuable. I just moved to a larger monitor and now I worry about clicking delete on the wrong items.

I appreciate I could shrink my window to reduce this risk, but even still, the hover capability would be useful at any screen size.