Mobile apps and sync service

Do you have a feeling yet on whether a mobile app will be a separate cost to the desktop app or do you see it as a free companion? Also, will the encrypted sync service be a cost item?

I’m currently torn between Everdo (£61 desktop, £? mobile, £? sync) and Pagico (£37 desktop, £0 mobile, £8). I’ve used Pagico before and it does the job, just is a bit OTT for my requirements. It’s also very mouse oriented and you have to crowbar a GTD methodology into the workflow. On the plus side it’s quite a bit cheaper than Everdo and already has mobile apps and sync service. I’m happy to wait for these but it would be good to know their rough costs.



Mobile will definitely be free for current paid users at the time of launch.

A sync service will be a cheap subscription, because it’s, well, a service. But it will be possible to use network sync instead for free.

Thanks for confirming, that’s good to hear.

An ongoing subscription as opposed to a one-off payment I guess?

Network sync won’t work for me as I have a machine at work and a machine at home that I will need to sync. One of those machines is a laptop but I don’t want to have to carry it into work every day just to sync Everdo.



Yes, and ongoing subscription. We are considering a cheap monthly option and a very cheap yearly option for committed users. The problem I see with one-time payment for ongoing services like this, is that no one can promise to be up forever, which a customer would expect having paid a one-time price.

No, I appreciate that. The only thing I am struggling with at the moment is the cost of Everdo in comparison to other, GTD/to-do apps. At 69.99 Euros it’s more expensive that say Omnifocus at 40 UKP and Pagico at 50 UKP which both have a free or one-off payment sync service. The Hit List also has a one-off payment sync service. I’m not overly bothered by the mobile apps if I’m honest as I tend to do 99% of my work at the keyboard.



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I have started to test the app and the sync has worked well in the local network of my house but not in the network of my work, I suppose it will be due to certain security restrictions.

For this reason, I am especially interested in the possibility of a sync service, I think there will be many users in my situation who will not be able to use the app until this service exists. I fully understand that you have to pay for this service.

Great work Andrei!!