More accurate GTD categories please

David Allen in GTD book makes the point that categories are very important to making GTD work successfully and eliminating stress. My trial of Everdo finds some things that could be easily fixed:

Tags consists of 3 predefined headings: areas, labels, contacts. Two of these are the elements of context:
In David Allen’s book the full name for Labels is Location (Where must I be?)
In David Allen’s book the full name for Contacts is Person (Who must I be with?)
The element that is missing is Tool (What must I have on hand?)
I would like to see the headings amended so they read:
I would also like the missing element Tools to be added as a heading

Everdo also uses Tags for another purposes such as: Horizons. This is where Areas of Focus belongs. Really there should be another group called Horizons which have the subheadings David Allen identifies for the six Horizons. This would include responsibilities and those responsibilities would also involve maintenance but this is best kept separate for ease of identification

Everdo seems to have missing another grouping which allows items to be categorized as say Personal, Family, Relationships, Leisure to allow filtering and focus

This is what the Area tag is for. There is a drop down menu in the top bar where you can choose the area you want to focus on. So you can create different areas for Personal, Family, Work, etc and filter your tasks to only show the tasks in that area.

Contact is used when you’re waiting on someone else before a task can be finished.

Label is kind of a generic tag that can be used for whatever purpose you want and can also be filtered on.

You can also prepend tags with @ to turn them into contexts that will show up in their own group on the left side. This can be used for anything that can only be done in a certain location or with certain resources available. This means any area, contact, or label can be turned into a context.

You can also use color coding on the tags for further organization.

Everdo is set up to keep things simple and yet provide quite a bit of organization for those who want/need it.

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Thanks for your reply. My initial post pointed out that Everdo doesnt replicate the David Allen GTD categories. This means for example, that Areas of Focus belongs to the larger category of Horizons. David Allen has 6 of them. Everdo only has one of the six - Areas of Focus. I was pointing out that Everdo should fix these shorcomings so this was really a post for the developer but I appreciate your taking time to reply and confirm my understanding