More granular time display in lists

I like to be accurate when it comes to timing tasks because it helps me better plan out and estimate what makes sense in whatever time I have available.

When it comes to tasks that are longer than one hour though, everything gets rounded to the closest hour. I can set a task to 90 minutes using the :t 90m inline command when creating the entry, but it gets auto-rounded to 2h when I save it. When I reopen the task it also shows the new, rounded time, and my originally entered value is lost.

To me and for my way of working, 90 minutes is very different from 2h.

Would you consider updating it so that the time displayed for each entry is just xx h yy m, as entered when creating the task, rather than rounded? Or make it an option via settings if you prefer the rounding?

Any thoughts? Would love to see this in a future update.