Multi User vailability

Hi Community! I am quite new here, so please apologies if this topic is already discussed but I did not find anything about it…Me and my team we are very exited about Everdo and like it a lot. The only thing that is missing to us is a multi user functionality that enables us to track our tasks as a team and assign them to each other. Is that on the roadmap or not planned?
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The current target is to finalize the single-user experience on all platforms. Everdo is getting there, but there’s still a way to go.

Regarding multi-user - it’s not impossible, but I don’t really have a concrete model of how that might work.

I would encourage anyone who’s interested in seeing collaboration in Everdo to share their thoughts, especially specific use cases.

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Hi Andrei. I just got married and looking for a set of collaborative tools to work between my wife and I, that I can trust re: privacy, functionality, etc. Everdo is my hopeful choice.

So re: multi-user experience, how about a series of tabs that can for example switch between “User 1” “User 2” and “Team” - meaning that in “User 1” everything displayed belongs to me, “User 2” my wife’s info, and “Team” another separate section with anything going on between us. In a later iteration maybe include a choice every time an item is created to “share with team”. I don’t mind doing it manually since I’m not doing this in a corporate-level environment.

I’m going to upload a very non-professional example of what I mean.
Maybe everything in this “family account” can get synced through the same encrypted sync account.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for your input. This gives me some ideas. However this feature will still have to wait for a while.

For now would Contexts work for you? You could set them up @Person1 @Person2 @Family and sync the lists between all the devices used in the family.

Ah yes, I can use contexts and I guess it’s workable. Thanks Andrei and gypsyav.

This is not high on my list of priorities but I just wanted to share my thoughts on collaboration:

I think a good way of implementing it would be allowing the user to turn a tag into a “collaboration tag/area” just like creating areas works right now. Then those tags would be synced between users just like syncing works between devices right now.

That way adding items to a group project can be done without changing the current workflow.

Hopeful for this feature too! For same reasons.

I like to manage ToDos between 5 persons - one household.

Basically would be enough to have (maybe password protected) tabs , ability to colorize them and there we go.

Seamless sync and switching between accounts(tabs) is highly appreciated.

Not too much missing from Everdo anymore so I can finally take the plunge to a full member!

Keep up the great job!