Multiple copies of scheduled tasks created when adding and syncing new device

I added a new device and synced it with Everdo. Immediately, I had tons of copies of scheduled tasks (scheduled for the future) appear in Focus. Looking at the db in a Sqlite browser, the created_on field showed the same date/time as when I synced the new computer.

Some tasks were copied dozens of times, others only once or a few times. I attempted a clean pull from the server, but it was too late. Everything had synced to the server and across other devices that were open.

Let me know what information you might need to try to diagnose/figure out what happened here. Thanks.

UPDATE: I think I understand what happened. I ended up on the wrong download page on the Everdo website after clicking a link Google had indexed. So I installed an older version of Everdo. Didn’t realize I had an old version installed, and in the app it said “1.9.0” at the top which made me think I was running the latest. Perhaps there should be a note on the download page to say that “this is not the latest version of Everdo. Find it here” or something of that nature.