New shortcuts for manual notes collapsing/expanding

I would like to suggest to change expand/collapse shortcuts from [ and ] to left and right arrow.
It is so convenient to use arrows to move up and down and without moving the hand we can overview notes.

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I think that’s a very good suggestion. I can imagine myself using this, to very quickly move through lists with one hand, while taking a sip of coffee with the other one.

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I wonder if there are some other useful shortcuts that could be mapped to the arrows?

Going up and down with pressed ctrl or shift should tick all items that we went through.
For further bulk operations.

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Here are some other things that compete for the up/down buttons. I think selection takes lower precedence here

  • Move action up/down
  • Move cursor in the navigation section up/down

I think arrows should be used to navigate the cursor position… everywhere. I would prefer to have a switch button like Tab to switch between the navigation panel and the list. But still, use arrows.
A different set of keys to go through the navigation panel and the list is a little counterintuitive.
What do you think?

It was suggested to use a Ctrl+up or Alt+up combo for sidebar navigation. So far I like it better than switching different navigation modes via Tab, for example.
I like Shift+up/down for reordering as well.

But the original question was about the right/left arrows and potential uses for those.

I didn’t know about that suggestion. I like it!

I can’t see anything better;)

This at least would be more in line of common ui/ux standards. Somewhat similar like in outlook or even the file explorer. Tab in general is used to switch between functional different parts of an app ui

That would be in conflict with selecting multiple items in the main list.

I have a few more suggestions for keyboard shortcuts but right now don’t have the time to write them up.

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Ctrl + Tab for side bar navigation or for instant switching between the everdo main lists in the order of last usage
Alt+ up/down or Shift+ctrl+ up /down for moving items arround



Just give the possibility to customize the keyboard shortcuts in the option.

Not everyone uses the same keyboard shortcuts for things. It would be much more user friendly if it was possible to change the default ones. I’d say it’s not very productive to not give the option for productivity/creation apps (looking at axure, I hated learning/using it… the default “[” “]” shortcuts by default don’t even work my keyboard and I couldn’t change them, the support has yet to reply to me, pff, glad that I won’t be using it anymore…)

Definitely the best possible approach. The question is how time-consuming it is to implement?

The effort/benefit ratio on this is indeed pretty bad.

As far as the left/right arrows for collapse/expand, I think will be added in the next update.