Next actions are not showing on Mobile

I installed the beta version of Everdo on Anrdoid (1.6-7) synced (clean pull) and I am not seeing the same next actions as on Windows Everdo,

I have two projects, one parallel and one sequential. The sequential one has one item, and no labels to make sure it is not a filtering issue. The parallel project shows both next actions, the sequential item did not.

Once I changed the sequential project to parallel, it showed up. Now that I set it to sequential again it shows again. It is a weird bug that kind of makes me doubt if all next actions will always show.

To reproduce;

  1. Make project A, parallel
  2. Add two parallel tasks
  3. Make project B, sequential, due date 1 aug
  4. Add one next item

The next item in (4) is not shown on Android.
Make project in (3) parallel, the next action shows up
Sequential again, still shows up

Here is a video from a fresh install showing it -

Addendum 7-Jun: I think it is a settings bug. New projects on Android were created as sequential, but the toggle was switched off in the settings. When I turned it on, a new project created sequentially properly shows the next actions. Old projects created with the sequential toggle off while being sequential as type did not show any tasks even after that setting turned on.

Hope this helps with troubleshooting!

Thank you, I was able to reproduce this based on your instructions:

  1. Disable “New projects are sequential” in settings
  2. Create a new project without changing its type
  3. Issue 1: The project editor displays the “Sequential” project type even though the project is supposed to be parallel.
    Issue 2: None of the project’s actions are visible in Next

Will try to fix as soon as possible.