Next/Focus widget for Android


I’ve seen a few calls for an android widget, but no top-level posts. I really need a widget for my next-action or starred list, or else I’ve found that I just don’t open the app enough to remember the things I have to do. I actually had to move away from Everdo and go for TickTick because they have a good-looking and usable widget.

Specifically, it must be:

  • Transparent with an option for black or white text
  • Show whatever list or project we want
  • Have a quick-capture option

I will abandon the 1 year subscription I paid for for Tick Tick and happily move to Everdo if this is implemented.

Thank you


Before I think it’s more important a widget for create new actions.


for Android version, widget is very important, for quick entry or quick view.


Yes please :slight_smile:

Fast capture is vital in GTD!


This is really a needed feature - most users cast a casual glance at their phones much more often every day than looking into the desktop app or mobile app IMO, so having a widget would be tremendously helpful in getting reminded about scheduled TODO items.

Todoist is a good example of how to do this. They even have quick action for adding new tasks. It would be awesome if something similar were added to Everdo.