Next Release Details (Q1 2024)


  • Public release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024
  • Early access builds will be published before the public release


  • All platforms: Sync status indication
  • All platforms: Sync progress indication for long-running Push and Pull actions
  • Android, iOS: Clone / duplicate item

Bug Fixes (updating)

  • All platforms: Fix issues with the support of dates greater than year 2038
  • Desktop: Scheduled notes should not be manually sortable
  • Desktop: The Focus list should be manually sortable when grouped by type
  • Desktop: Text appearing as squares on some Linux systems
  • Desktop: Drag and drop issues on some systems
  • Desktop: Deleted notes are still visible in context view
  • iOS: Add to Inbox should not add to the currently open list
  • Android: Project selector should filter projects by current area
  • Android: Crashing on some devices