Not This Week feature

Hi Andrei,

have you thinked about the implementation of a someday/maybe addendum that some GTD users call “not this week”?

If you didn’t hear about that, i will explain you why is so interesting.

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I’m not aware of this concept. Can it be implemented as a label?

I use a “backlog” tag for projects/actions that need to be done, but don’t fit into the current week. I set them to “Someday” and tag them with “backlog.” The items tagged “backlog” are reviewed weekly, even if I’m not reviewing the rest of “Someday.”

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I’m using a tag with this name “not this week”. This is a way to organize the someday list. Usually this list is enormous and there are items not to be done and reviewed till the next month or maybe later…
Is a list between next and someday, populated with actions that you made a commitment to do them as soon as possible, but not this week, and must be reviewed in the next weekly review.

I try to organize the maybe part in the notes section, so the someday section does not grow to big.

So in my case someday = not this week

Despite my efforts to keep things clean and sharp in those lists, sometimes they get wild.

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Personally, my Someday/Maybe list is almost equivalent to “not this week”. I have enough next actions and active project to last a few weeks. I only review Someday/Maybe on Friday and maybe move a couple of items to Next, or back to Someday.

When I used to have a much longer Someday list, I had a kind of a “later” tag to exclude the “unlikely” items from review. Over time I’m moving towards having more items in Next and fewer garbage in Someday by letting go of things, so to speak. Now that my Someday list is less of a dump, it’s not a problem to review it quickly.

In any case, I think that the existing functionality allows to manage different levels of Someday if needed, via tags, notebooks and checklists, in order to avoid clutter.

I would also really appreciate that feature. Happy to see I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

That is a really good point. Maybe I’m not doing that enough yet.

For me, there is a difference between things I still want to do and an idea list, so to say. I don’t necessarily plan on doing things in the idea list == someday, for me it’s just a way of removing clutter in my head by capturing all the potential further extensions of a project. Whereas a “Not this week” is more about things I definitely need to do before finishing this project.

Indeed, it’s workable now so it’s not urgent but I still consider it important. For me, clutter is using the same tag and then having to filter all the time to not see the idea list constantly.

Thanks for describing your setup a bit closer. I think that’s what makes it a bit harder for you to relate. Maybe we’re using Everdo slightly differently. Perhaps we are also working on different kinds of projects, though. Please consider that as well. I know Software like Everdo is never “done” so I understand that in that scenario “Not This Week” is the same as “Someday”. So letting go would mean accepting that there will always be more things to do. However, I’m working on some shorter lived projects with definite end dates that have potential follow up projects with different directions and in that context “Not This Week”, and Someday as a wish/idea list, would be a great benefit. :slight_smile: