Notebook examples

Hi all,

Would anyone be willing to share how you use notebooks in everdo for project management?

I’m trying to understand how to fit them into GTD or another to-do system.

Thanks, Andrew

This is how I use notebooks. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas.

  1. I have a notebook for Reminders - sometimes I want to be reminded of something all day, in which case, I create a reminder, star it and move to the top of “Focus”.

  2. I also have a notebook per area for miscellaneous relevant links, small notes and snippets - things that I want synced between the devices and be able to quickly accessible to view and copy/paste on the computer. Also I store template tasks there. For example, when releasing a new update of Everdo there is a checklist of about 7 tasks that need to be done in order, so I have a template for that, which I then clone into a corresponding project.

  3. I have a notebook(s) for various lists: to read, to watch, learning projects, etc.

  4. I used to have a notebook for month/year goals, but this year I’m trying a different system.

  5. When it comes to supporting a specific project with a notebook, I almost never do that because if a project requires any supporting files/documents, then already a Notebook in Everdo is not enough. If there are some relevant links or other minor info, I deal with is as described in (2).

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Thank you - this is very helpful

Hi Andrei,

I was wondering if there is a general desciption of the notebook features in the documentation ( I haven’t been able to find it. If not, have you considered adding a sub-section?

Thanks, Andrew

The existing documentation is more “technical” - it deals with setup and introducing how the less straightforward features work. For example inline commands, the Parallel/Sequential projects are non entirely obvious in the way they work. From this angle, Notebooks don’t require any explanation (or so I think).

Another type of documentation which I want to see added soon, is about app usage practices in general. That is, how to use the features optimally. Here we could provide examples and guidelines similar to what this topic has.

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Hi Andrei,

Thanks for the reply.

For me, the notebooks are a nice feature that weren’t initially intuitive. I think the app usage practice documentation would be a great addition.

Best, Andrew

Can you explain a little bit more ?

I’m using a spreadsheet because it provides more flexibility and structure for this use case. It’s often not enough to only track the binary yes/no status of a goal, so a simple checklist does not work.